Stefano Marinaz Landscape Architecture | Projects


We create peaceful, harmonious and uncluttered gardens by selecting only a few hard-landscaping materials and combining them with a restricted palette of unusual but reliable plants.

Our love and understanding of plants enables us to put their performance and potential at the heart of the design process, ensuring that the garden will look attractive and inviting throughout the year. We always include some surprises in our planting plans.

Taking inspiration for the garden from materials, finishes and design motifs used indoors, we make outdoor rooms that seem to extend seamlessly from the house. Whenever the budget allows, we enjoy designing bespoke lighting that will make these outdoor spaces equally attractive and accessible at night.

We often play with the idea of function by using the same object in different ways. Identical pots may appear in a garden used as water features, tables or fire pits. And when it comes to water features, we always ensure that they are integral to the overall design.

We also enjoy playing with patterns and textures, making the same pattern appear several times in the garden on different materials. When it comes to working in a small space, we prefer to use asymmetric designs, as symmetry in small gardens makes them appear even smaller.